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2013-04-25 Winnipeg's Susan Griffiths dies by assisted suicide in Zurich (CBC) (link)
2013-04-22 Physician-assisted suicide: the case for legalization - Manitoba (CBC)
2013-04-12 Killing her softly: Susan Griffiths last days (Winnipeg Free Press) (link)
2013-04-08 Ending Life: Susan Griffiths story (CBCradio) (link)

2013-02-02 Remembering Ruth Goodman (Farewell Foundation)

20013 Quebec's Right to Die Legislation: Will other provinces follow? (The Current - CBC) 

Ginette Leblanc Dies in Hospice: Constituional Challenge in Quebec Stops (Farewell Foundation)

2012-10-07 Gloria Taylor Will Be Remembered 

2012-09-07 Nagui's Choice (CBC-radio) (link)

2012-08-22 Briton Who Fought for Assisted Suicide Is Dead (The New York Times) 

2012-06-15  Farewell Foundation Pleased at Court Ruling (link)

2012-06-15  B.C. Court correct to strike down law prohibiting doctor-assisted suicide
 (Globe an Mail) (link)

2012-02-25  Why Doctors Die Differentely 

2012-02-06  Quebec Gouvernment Propose Right to Die Law (Farewell foundation) (lien)

2011-12-24  Canada in the height of debate on the Right to Die (lien)

2011-11-23  We need a national debate on life-and-death issues (lien)

2010-07-16  The New Old Age (New York Times) (lien)

2010-01-14  Montana: Right to Assisted Death Confirmed in Third US State (lien)

2009-11-09  Globe and Mail: The great Canadian euthanasia debate (lien) 

2009-10-17  Euthanasia: Great Heat, Little Light Free 

2007-05-10  Oregon, Legal Regulation of Physician-Assisted Death (Timothy E. Quill, M.D.) 

End-of-Life practices in the Netherlands under the euthanasia act (lien)


























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